RADWIN 2000 Alpha



RADWIN 2000 Alpha is a Point-to-Point outdoor radio unit that delivers up to 500Mbps and available in both the 5GHz and 3.5GHz bands.

Alpha is the ultimate solution for enterprise access and CCTV connectivty in urban, suburban and rural areas. Additionally, it can be used as a PtMP Subscriber Unit. Alpha is renowned for its low visual impact and comes equipped with a built-in GPS for TDD synchronization, making it the perfect choice for dense hub deployments.

RADWIN 2000 Alpha is available with an integrated antenna or as a connectorized unit.

Product Highlights

  • Up to 500Mbps
  • 5GHz, 3.5GHz band
  • Integrated antenna or connectorized unit*
  • Built-in GPS*
  • Dying gasp message*
  • Dynamic channel bandwidth
  • Jumbo frame support
  • Also operable as a PtMP SU
  • Highly durable – IP 67


*Applicable for 5GHz only

Main values

Reliable PtP link

Alpha boasts a unique field proven air-interface that ensures reliable operation, even in noisy spectrum and near Line of Sight scenarios.

Reduced truck roll

Alpha is a highly robust IP 67 complaint unit. Additionally, it features a dying gasp message to prevent unnecessary truck rolls in the event of local power failure.

Unparalleled packet switching power

Alpha guarantees high capacity even for short packet traffic, due to its high packet switching power, capable of handling 350k packets per second.

TDD Synchronization

With its built-in GPS functionality, Alpha enables co-location of multiple radios installed in a single hub site without any self-interference.

Reduced inventory

RADWIN 2000 Alpha point-to-point radio is highly versatile and can also function as an SU PRO Subscriber Unit, making it an excellent investment for networks with both RADWIN’s PtP and PtMP setups to reduce the inventory burden. This feature also allows initial connectivity using a PtP configuration, which can be easily upgraded to a PtMP setup as the network grows, with minimal truck rolls required.

Introducing RADWIN Alpha

radwin alpha 2000

An introduction to RADWIN 2000 Alpha INT: recorded webinar.


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