Competitively priced, RADWIN 5000L offers a compact, low visual impact base station that is designed for low-density areas with a few end users.

5000L delivers up to 250Mbps for 16 end-users over the 4.9 to 6 GHz band and comes with a 90° integrated antenna or connectorized unit. The units support collocation of RADWIN radios via a built-in GPS.

Using RADWIN’s unique Air-Interface, the unit assures end user SLA via CIR (Committed Information Rate). 5000L is ideal for video surveillance connectivity, remote automation and IOT connectivity, outdoor Wi-Fi backhaul and many other applications.

5000L Series works with RADWIN SU AIR and SU PRO, common Subscriber Units for all RADWIN base stations.


Product Highlights

  • Up to 250Mbps
  • Up to 16 end-users
  • Integrated or connectorized units
  • Service levels: CIR or Best Effort
  • Built-in GPS
  • Up to 40 km / 25 miles
  • 4.9 to 6GHz

5000L Series Values

Low Visual Impact Icon

Low visual impact

5000L guarantees low visual impact when deployed in dense public vicinities.

Robust Performance Icon

Robust performance

Reliable connectivity is assured using RADWIN’s unique and field proven air interface.

radio collocation icon

Radio collocation

Built-in GPS enables hub radio collocation without degrading capacity and distance performance.

CIR and best effort Icon

CIR & best effort

5000L supports SLA for video surveillance and enterprises, using CIR (Committed Information Rate), to secure capacity, fixed latency, and low Jitter.

CCTV Cameras

5000L Series Applications:

Video Surveillance

Woman on laptop

Municipal Wi-Fi

IOT symbol

IOT backhaul

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