The importance of a scalable network for growing WISPs

Scalable Wireless Network for Growing WISPS

The Importance of a Scalable Wireless Network for Growing WISPS Many successful Wireless Internet Service Providers get started due to a lack of Internet service, or insufficient service by existing providers. During their initial phase, Internet Service Providers (ISPs are enthusiastic about setting up their networks but motivated by short-term goals. Typically dealing with budget

The 5 Essentials for Smart City Safety and Security

smart city project

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the new smart city technology and smart city applications?   These days we see more and more people migrating to urban areas to create a better life for themselves. This, of course, places a greater urgency on governments and metropolis to improve public safety and

New High-gain Subscriber Unit is now available in North America

high gain subscriber unit

We are delighted to announce the availability of SU INT high-gain Subscriber Unit in North America.   RADWIN is expanding its PtMP offering with an IP67 Subscriber Unit that features a 22dBi integrated antenna. Extremely robust, SU INT provides greater performance in the 5.x GHz bands.   The new Subscriber Unit enables 200k PSS for unparalleled switching performance and supports FCC and

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