Competitively priced RADWIN 2000 Alpha Point-to-Point radio

RADWIN 2000 Alpha Point-to-Point Radio

Competitively priced, high capacity point-to-point network solution

Optimal for High-Speed Wireless Access and Robust Backhaul

Delivering up to 500Mbps in the 3GHz and 5GHz band, RADWIN 2000 Alpha Series is part of the RADWIN 2000 PtP portfolio of carrier grade solutions. Compact and durable, RADWIN 2000 Alpha point-to-point radio guarantees exceptional performance at a highly competitive price.

RADWIN 2000 Alpha

RADWIN products

• Up to 500Mbps
• 5GHz, 3.5GHz
• Integrated antenna or connectorized unit*
• Built-in GPS*
• Dying gasp message*
• Dynamic channel bandwidth
• Jumbo frame support
• Also operable as PtMP SU
• Highly durable - IP 67

*Applicable for 5GHz only

Alpha Point-to-Point Radio Benefits

Reliable Point to point Link

Reliable Link

Unique and field proven air-interface ensures reliable operation in noisy spectrum and near Line of Sight scenarios.

Point to point antenna capacity

Reduce truck roll

Highly robust IP 67 complaint unit. Save unnecessary truck roll upon local power failure by using dying gasp message

Unparalleled Switching Power

Unparalleled Switching Power

Alpha guarantees high capacity for short packets traffic due to its ability to switch 350k packets per second.

TDD Synchronization

TDD Synchronization

Support co-location installation of multiple radios with built-in GPS to avoid self interference

Alpha point-to-point radio also operates as Subscriber Unit

Save Upon Inventory

RADWIN 2000 Alpha point-to-point radio also operates as SU PRO Subscriber Unit at the same capacity level.

What Can RADWIN 2000 Alpha Do For You?

Wireless enterprise access

Wireless Enterprise Access

Video surveillance backhaul

Video Surveillance Backhaul

Wi-Fi Backhaul

Wi-Fi Backhaul

Enterprise access connectivity

Enterprise Access Connectivity


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