The importance of a scalable network for growing WISPs

The Importance of a Scalable Wireless Network for Growing WISPS Many successful Wireless Internet Service Providers get started due to a lack of Internet service, or insufficient service by existing providers. During their initial phase, Internet Service Providers (ISPs are enthusiastic about setting up their networks but motivated by short-term goals. Typically dealing with budget

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10 Most Asked Questions And Answers About JET DUO 5GHz

Following the successful launch of JET DUO 5GHz dual carrier base station with beamforming antenna technology, we thought it would be a good idea to address some of the most frequently asked questions we received since the release of this amazing new product. As you may already know, JET DUO is the ultimate solution for

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JET DUO 5GHz dual carrier beamforming base station is now available

Are you struggling to expand sector capacity to keep up with customer demands? Or pay high tower space rental fees for too many base stations? Aspiring to assure service providers greater sector capacity for a lower total cost of ownership, we introduce our new, ground-breaking JET DUO 5 GHz dual carrier beamforming base station.   By providing

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The 5 Essentials for Smart City Safety and Security

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the new smart city technology and smart city applications?   These days we see more and more people migrating to urban areas to create a better life for themselves. This, of course, places a greater urgency on governments and metropolis to improve public safety and

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New High-gain Subscriber Unit is now available in North America

We are delighted to announce the availability of SU INT high-gain Subscriber Unit in North America.   RADWIN is expanding its PtMP offering with an IP67 Subscriber Unit that features a 22dBi integrated antenna. Extremely robust, SU INT provides greater performance in the 5.x GHz bands.   The new Subscriber Unit enables 200k PSS for unparalleled switching performance and supports FCC and

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How Electric Coops can rapidly deliver broadband to the community

Although large financial resources have been allocated over the past few years in the USA to bridge the rural digital divide, the National Rural Electric Coop Association (NRECA) indicates in its last report from Sep. 2018 that approximately 6.3 million electric co-op households, totaling 13.4 million people, lack access to adequate, high-speed broadband service (25/3 Mbps).   RECs have

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Broadband connectivity for smart ports

With the continued growth of maritime trade and container volumes, port operators would like to become more efficient, improve productivity and cut costs. Incorporating automated operational processes at the port is a preferred solution to address future growth challenges. Port automation uses integrated technologies to address a range of port operational processes such as container


Enabling a Smart & fully-automated Port

Over the years there has been a surge in the implementation of technological port solutions so that container operators can improve productivity. However, very few ports have implemented a comprehensive long-term plan, aiming to transform the available infrastructure into a fully automated port.   Fully automated systems can help port operations better deal with the

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The coexistence of broadband and narrowband in smart cities

With the rise of smart cities, more smart devices are being deployed across cities worldwide. Typically initiated by installing advanced cameras for public safety and traffic monitoring, smart city projects usually end up with a range of deployed Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors. The data generated by these sensors help improve municipality services such as lighting control,


Have your cake and eat it – TWICE!

Contrary to the title, this blog is not about food. It’s actually about trade-offs.   In life, we are often faced with decisions where trade-offs are involved – choosing one thing at the expense of something else; you want a fancy sports car but you want it to be fuel-efficient, you can save money washing

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