10 Most Asked Questions And Answers About JET DUO 5GHz

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Following the successful launch of JET DUO 5GHz dual carrier base station with beamforming antenna technology, we thought it would be a good idea to address some of the most frequently asked questions we received since the release of this amazing new product.

As you may already know, JET DUO is the ultimate solution for high capacity demand and network operators who define reliable connectivity as an uncompromisable requirement. But without further ado, let’s present the 10 most asked questions and answers about JET DUO 5GHz.


1. Q: It was mentioned that 3 to 7 miles is the typical distance for best effort design. Would this be rural or metro geography?
A: Typically, 3-7 miles is relevant for rural areas. A shorter distance is used for urban areas due to Non-line-of sight.


2. Q: Is there any possibility to penetrate a little foliage, near line of sight?

A:  JET DUO can work in nLOS thanks to its beamforming technology and robust air interface. Nevertheless, nLOS SU (CPE) installation requires a skilled installer.


3. Q: Is there either a cloud based or local management platform to manage several PTMP radios via one unified interface?

A: JET DUO is managed by WINManage, RADWIN’s on premises Network Management System (NMS).


4. Q: Can JET DUO participate in a frequency sharing environment? Will it be SAS compatible?

A: No. SAS is needed for the CBRS band that JET DUO does not support.


5. Q: What are the DC power requirements? Define the number of fibers required for each radio.

A: JET DUO power consumption is 60W. Each JET DUO typically requires 1Gbps of full duplex fiber.


6. Q: Have you had any experience with base station units in high RF fields such as collocated on a tower with a high-power FM or TV station?

A: Typically a problem can occur in a tower with FM or TV broadcasters if there are errors with the cable between the radio and the indoor unit (e.g. PoE). With JET DUO fiber can be used to connect the radio to the indoor unit, avoiding any type of interference or errors.


7. Q: Can we implement this radio for video surveillance?

A: JET base station is commonly used for video surveillance applications, due to the great interference mitigation that it provides and because of the committed rate it can assure per camera.


8. Q: Where do you better recommend using this radio? Rural? residential or urban?

A: All 3 areas are applicable. JET DUO is perfect for locations requiring high capacity but contending with a high level of radio interference.


9. Q: How do you manage interference dynamically?

A: Channel bandwidth is changed dynamically to assure maximum capacity. In September, DUO will support dynamic carrier selection per SU (CPE) in case the downlink capacity is deteriorated due to interference.


10. Q: Is there a limit to the number of SUs per sector except for capacity delivered? How many SUs per sector versus capacity is delivered per JET DUO?

A: The maximum number of SUs that each JET DUO can serve is extracted from the capacity each SU requires but is limited to128. (currently 64, 128 is planned for September 2020).


* We hope these answers help, if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Download JET DUO 5GHz Brochure


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