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Now it’s not only the trains that can go high-speed!

rail train wifi technology.

Amtrak announces an upgrade to their onboard WiFi services for passengers on the flagship Acela Express line in the North-Eastern Corridor, connecting Washington DC and Boston. The WiFi upgrade is based on a hybrid model, combining a cellular-based system with a dedicated track-side network.


“This advanced technology solution shifts our onboard WiFi experience into high gear, providing our Acela Express customers with a more satisfying and productive experience throughout their journey,” Lenetta McCampbell, senior director of passenger experience at Amtrak.


RADWIN’s train-to-track FiberinMotion solution enables train and metro operators to enhance the passengers travel experience by providing reliable, stable, true high-speed internet access in transit.


To read the full article in the Washington Post (external link)


For further info on RADWIN’s FiberinMotion solutions for Rail and Metro click here.


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