Have your cake and eat it – TWICE!

Contrary to the title, this blog is not about food. It’s actually about trade-offs.   In life, we are often faced with decisions where trade-offs are involved – choosing one thing at the expense of something else; you want a fancy sports car but you want it to be fuel-efficient, you can save money washing

smart cities challenge

You can’t call it SMART city yet!

Over the years we have witnessed great progress as governmental authorities and their leaders aspire to establish a safe environment that will positively impact economic growth and make their city a preferred hub for tourists, investors and residents.   Advanced technologies and surveillance systems are strongly impacting safe city projects and are being adopted by

3.5ghz challenge

Overcoming the 3.5GHz spectrum bottleneck for Broadband services

When it comes to broadband connectivity, a reliable, high-speed connection is an essential requirement of business and enterprise customers of any size. Fiber has been deployed in urban centers around the globe, however, even in the most developed countries today, there are still many locations where fiber deployment is impractical or unfeasible due to the

smart and safe city cost

It doesn’t have to be laborious or expensive to make cities safer

As urban populations grow, public safety and security are becoming key concerns for governments and municipalities, who are proactively seeking more effective ways to prevent crime, deter anti-social behavior and enhance safety.   The most common approach taken by municipalities is to install advanced surveillance systems equipped with High Definition IP-cameras, PA speakers, panic buttons,

smartnode radwin

The smart way to reduce CCTV site costs

Are you looking to reduce your CCTV site costs?   Smart-Node is an all-in-one outdoor power and communications solution for video surveillance deployments. Eliminating the need to build costly communication cabinets from scratch, Smart-Node comes ready-to-install and supports a wide variety of power and networking interfaces for CCTV cameras, wireless broadband radios, fiber, IoT gateways,

wifi on train key considerations

On-Board Connectivity for Rail and Metro – Key Considerations

Our world is becoming 100% connected, with continuous connectivity a basic commodity. With an ever growing portion of our data living in the cloud, forced unavailability is fast becoming unacceptable. While we used to get some work done and consume entertainment in offline mode, being online is now a key requirement for many elementary services.

why offer sla services

Why do I need to offer SLA type services?

Wireless Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) networks use a finite frequency spectrum as a shared medium to convey data traffic to multiple users from a single location. The spectrum used for transmission enables the delivery of a certain amount of traffic from a single Base Station to multiple remote Subscriber Units (SU) and vice versa.   In order

rural broadband services

ABTN Service No Longer Acceptable for Rural Customers

There was a time when the argument was commonly made that rural Wireless Internet Service Providers needed to litter Access Points with 100 or more CPEs in order to properly monetize a sector.   This meant offering customers packages that amounted to little more than a handful of megabits per second.  After all, rural customers

smart city solutions

South African Smart Cities

When one thinks of smart cities, one might be forgiven for overlooking Africa, but not for much longer as the technology is in play and expanding rapidly.   South Africa, in particular, offers an increasing focus on developing smart cities to the extent that the South African Local Government Association defined the term to coordinate

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