wisp ireland

What are the key challenges facing WISPs?

Gurmukh Neote is a telecom veteran and the CTO of BBnet, an Irish service provider.    BBnet has a customer base of thousands of enterprise and residential customers mostly in rural

wisp network

The 3 Little WISPs and the Challenge of Fiber

Will WISPs be ready when the Big Bad Wolf comes knocking at their door?   Reading a bedtime story to my son is easily my favorite part of the day.

wireless network design

What to Consider When Selecting a Wireless Access Solution

Are you thinking about upgrading your wireless network equipment? Or maybe setting up a new wireless network? If so, choosing the right network equipment is a critical step in your

lte spectrum

Is your LTE Spectrum being Choked by Heavy Fixed Users?

You’d be forgiven for looking up into the sky, seeing its infinite space and thinking that it has infinite capacity. Unfortunately, when it comes to mobile data, and particularly in

5g promise wireless

Verizon CEO Says Future 5G Promise is “Wireless Fiber”

Verizon CEO McAdam stressed that the early phases of Verizon’s 5G service will use fixed wireless to deliver 1Gbps broadband service. “Let’s be clear on what we mean by 5G

rail train wifi technology.

Now it’s not only the trains that can go high-speed!

Amtrak announces an upgrade to their onboard WiFi services for passengers on the flagship Acela Express line in the North-Eastern Corridor, connecting Washington DC and Boston. The WiFi upgrade is based on a hybrid model,

google fiber focuse on wireless

Google Fiber stops digging‚ looks to wireless

Netflix, Skype, YouTube, video conferencing, IP TV – you name it, bandwidth-hungry service has become an essential part of our 21st century lives. Whether for personal or professional use, we

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