RADWIN MultiSectorTM (PtMP) Base Station Series

Innovative 1.5Gbps base station site in-a-box for low TCO


Dual-carrier (radio) self-contained base station series, supporting up to 4 sectors for MicroPoP and long-range network deployments in sparse rural areas.

• Up to 360˚ coverage   • High quality for constrained budgets   • Reduced site complexity

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MultiSector Connectorized

A self-contained base station site in-a-box that delivers 1.5Gbps and can connect to 4 external MIMO antennas. This base station is Ideal for long-range rural connectivity.

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MultiSector Integrated

A self-contained base station site in-a-box that delivers 1.5GHz and features two integrated 90˚ sector antennas. For 360˚ coverage, connectors for 2 x 90˚ external antennas are available. This site-in-a-

box is Ideal for MicroPoP deployment scenarios.

MultiSector series values

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Reduced base station site complexity & TCO

MultiSector is a self-contained base station, saving upon PoEs, ethernet cables, GPS & site Switch as well as installation labor costs.

Flexible architecture

Offering seamless coverage expansion options from 90˚ to 360°, the MultiSector series allows for antenna selection flexibility according to deployment requirements. Additionally, self-backhaul capabilities can be optionally activated, removing the need to purchase an extra PtP radio.

Robust performance with immunity to interference

360° coverage is achieved using sector topology, assuring greater immunity to radio interference than other common Omni-antenna solutions.

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High spectrum efficiency

Frequency reuse factor 2, enables 360˚ site coverage with only 2 frequency channels, providing high spectrum efficiency when combined with a high modulation QAM 256 scheme.

Introducing RADWIN MultiSector Base Station Series

Check out the RADWIN MultiSector™ Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) Integrated Base Station introductory clip to realize the full potential of this amazing product!

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MultiSector Series Applications:

Isolated or shadowed residential areas

Long range rural connectivity

Small rural village

Industrial parks on the city outskirts

Video surveillance connectivity for safe / smart cities

Remote control and automation of oil & gas fields

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