RADWIN NEO changes the quality vs price
paradigm for fixed wireless broadband connectivity!


NEO Series is comprised of single and dual carrier PtMP base stations with advanced bi-directional beamforming technology at a bargain price!

NEO delivers reliable, high-capacity connectivity that exceeds WFH service
requirements, outperforming any Access Point with a horn or uplink-only beamforming antenna.

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Band: 5GHz

NEW, low priced 750Mbps beamforming base station with best-in-class interference immunity for wide coverage and reliable wireless connectivity

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Band: 5GHz

NEW, low priced 1.5Gbps dual-carrier beamforming base station with PrimeCarrier capabilities, assuring best-in-class interference immunity for wide

coverage and reliable wireless connectivity.

NEO series values

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Reliable connectivity for an unmatched customer experience

NEO Series base stations provide error free and robust 5GHz Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), with technological capabilities that guarantee long term stable capacity and fixed latency.

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Common Subscriber Units, mix & match base stations

Optimal base station selection per deployment use case. Seamless service expansion from residential to business customers with no Subscriber Unit rip and replace.

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Reduced infrastructure, CapEx & OpEx

Less towers are required due to the extended cell-edge, enabled by beamforming.

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More capacity, min. spectrum usage

Less spectrum is required to yield network capacity, due to Frequency reuse 2.

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Easy installation

Compact and light base station with an integrated antenna and GPS that consumes low power.

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High-capacity service package:

Enable high capacity (100Mbps and more) service packages to end-customers.

How RADWIN beamforming antenna improves traffic Interference immunity & extends coverage.
Gain more capacity using less spectrum
Why NEO outperforms horn antenna interference immunity & saves upon TCO!
Why a dual carrier base station reduces tower space & TCO!
Unique PrimeCarrier capabilities facilitate unmatched downlink traffic reliability.
NEO warrants an exceptional customer experience!
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SU AIR Integrated

Band: 5GHz

SU AIR Integrated is an attractively priced 500Mbps outdoor Subscriber Unit with an integrated antenna. The unit is compatible with all RADWIN base stations.

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SU AIR Connectorized

Band: 5GHz

SU AIR Connectorized is a 500Mbps outdoor Subscriber Unit with N-type connectors for an external antenna connection. The unit is compatible

with all RADWIN base stations.

Introducing RADWIN NEO series

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Check out the NEO PtMP Series introductory clip to realize the full potential of this amazing new product!

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NEO Series Applications:

Residential wireless broadband with triple play services

Residential houses

Backhaul for Wi-Fi access points

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