RADWIN NEO is a low-priced Point-to-MultiPoint base station with advanced beamforming that provides best-in-class radio
interference mitigation and wide coverage, superior to any Access Point with a horn or uplink-only beamforming antenna.

NEO is the only PtMP base station in its price range that offers an integrated bi-directional (uplink and downlink) beamforming antenna, enabling full network deployment with just two frequency channels.

Offering 750Mbps over a 90˚sector, RADWIN NEO ensures revenue growth with lowest TCO and minimum spectrum usage, while
delivering fiber-like residential services.


Product Highlights

  • Advanced beamforming antenna
  • Up to 750Mbps, 3Gbps per 4 sectors
  • Best-in-class interference immunity
  • Frequency reuse-2 per network
  • Best-effort service level
  • Built-in GPS
  • WAN connectivity over SFP
  • 5GHz

Main values

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Reliable uplink connectivity

The beamforming antenna rejects interference by 18dB, outperforming horn antennas.

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Reduced infrastructure

Less towers are required due to the extended cell-edge, enabled by beamforming.

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More capacity, minimum spectrum usage

Frequency reuse -2 per network: Only 2 frequency channels are required for multi-tower deployments, enabling greater network capacity per available spectrum.

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Easy installation

Compact and light base station with an integrated antenna and GPS that consumes low power.

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Seamless service expansion

Expand to SLA business customers for greater ARPU by adding JET Series base stations, without the need for Subscriber Unit truck roll.

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High-capacity service package

Enable high capacity service packages (100Mbps and more) to end-customers.

Introducing RADWIN NEO series

PTMP products

This webinar introduces the NEO Series portfolio
and its unique value proposition.

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