Powerful solutions that include
Layer 2 & Layer 3 switches for your networking needs!


RADWIN’s networking solutions offer a range of products designed to provide robust and reliable connectivity for various applications.
The IDU switch series, supports both Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities, making it the perfect choice for operating RADWIN PtP and PtMP radios,
cameras, Wi-Fi access points, IoT gateways, and other devices that require high-power PoE budget.
In addition to the IDU switch series, RADWIN offers the Smart-Node outdoor power and communications solution.
This versatile product provides a wide range of power and networking interfaces, including fiber and an array of radio technologies,
enabling the seamless connection of multiple devices for smart-city, IoT, and telecom projects.

animate ringsIDU-S


Managed Ethernet switch with full Layer 2 switching and basic Layer 3 static routing capabilities, and high-power PoE budget.

IDU-S boosts operational efficiency and ensures ease of use with RADWIN’s PtP and PtMP radios.

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Managed, rugged, and fanless Ethernet switch with full Layer 2 and comprehensive Layer 3 switching capabilities and high-power PoE budget.

IDU-SI supports extended temperature ranges and assures ease of use when using RADWIN’s PtP and PtMP radios.


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Ideal for indoor and outdoor deployments

Addressing service providers, ISP’s and critical infrastructure markets, supporting extended temperatures and suitable for indoor and outdoor racks.

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Powerful switch fabric

Traffic aggregation with guaranteed high-performance and throughput meeting all networking requirements.

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High-power PoE budget for RADWIN PtP and PtMP radios

Comprehensive standard and passive PoE settings and support for 3rd party devices and RADWIN radios.

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Compact and easy to install in indoor racks and outdoor cabinets

Small size, compatibility with telecom and din-rail rackmounts and providing flexible power feeding options.

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Easy installation and maintenance

Friendly Web GUI, CLI management and installation tools and full RADWIN NMS support.

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Superior performance at great value

Compact, outstanding performance, flexible PoE options, easy management and compatibility with indoor and outdoor environments at great cost-benefit ratio.

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