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Onboard Wi-Fi for Passengers

“Toilets may be clogged, food may be cold, but the Wi-Fi has to work well”.
Today, quality onboard Wi-Fi services are key for many passengers on the commute.

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The Challenges of Onboard Connectivity

Most onboard Wi-Fi solutions work over commercial cellular networks. This technology requires low CAPEX but provides limited connectivity due to circumstances beyond the train operators control. For example, commercial cellular network coverage levels can vary, cellular phone users connect directly to cellular cell sites and operators also have to deal with challenging environmental elements such as tunnels and more.

Cellular based solutions require substantial OPEX that will continue to grow, together with the bandwidth demands of passengers consistently hungry for new services and applications.

RADWIN addresses these demands with a dedicated trackside radio solution that provides passengers with uninterrupted, fiber-like onboard Wi-Fi services. This type of solution minimizes OPEX and provides new monitezation opportunities when leveraging upon the infrastructure for additional applications.

RADWIN’s Technology Advantages for Onboard Wi-Fi Include:

The latest 802.11 technologies, customized to support fast moving trains

Wireless Mobility Highest Throughput

High throughput, leveraging MIMO, spectrum optimization and bonding technologies

Wireless Mobility Wide Area Coverage

TDD / synchronized air protocol, derived from cellular networks to ensure QoS and interference mitigation

Powered by RADWIN FiberinMotion®

High-capacity broadband, 750Mbps per train
Supports train speeds of 220mph / 350km/h
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