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RADWIN OSS provides a set of tools that support all operational aspects of the network lifecycle, addressing everything from radio planning, network deployment, unit installations, service commissioning and network management and maintenance

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Plan your wireless network to secure optimal coverage and capacity and assure the best business model

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Dispatch SU installation work orders and monitor SU rollout. Ensure installation quality and efficiency

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Automate the SU installation process for simplified and fast deployment

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Manage and monitor network devices, interfaces and services for greater network uptime

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Network Planning Tool

Plan your wireless network radio roll-out with RADWIN WINPlan to secure optimal coverage and capacity, minimize capital and operational expenditures and assure best utilization of spectrum resources.

Supporting RADWIN’s PtMP portfolio, WINPlan is an indispensable cloud-based tool that provides significant value when planning or expanding wireless networks, connecting new customers, or evaluating TCO before network roll-out.

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Deployment Management Tool

Manage and monitor your mass deployment projects with WINDeploy cloud-based platform. Import installation tasks, dispatch work orders to installation teams and monitor the deployment quality, efficiency and real-time progress of network roll-out.

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Installation Smartphone App

Simplify the installation process with automated subscriber unit configuration, antenna alignment and service quality verification. WINTouch+ communicates over the cloud with WINDeploy to streamline the end-to-end installation process, from work order receipt to installation reporting and documentation.

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Network Management System

Manage and monitor online network devices, interfaces and services with a highly scalable, on-premises, web-based management system.

Using flexible and customizable dashboards and reports, easily perform: network configurations, service provisioning, fault management, performance monitoring and user security management.

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