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BART selects RADWIN to deliver high-capacity train-to-ground & inter-car connectivity for its Fleet of the Future trains

May 10, 2023

Tel-Aviv, Israel, May 11, 2023, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has chosen RADWIN to provide the next-generation wireless connectivity solutions for commuters onboard its Fleet of the Future trains. RADWIN’s FiberinMotion® and TerraBridge wireless solutions will be deployed by Mobilitie, a BAI Communications company, as part of its project to modernise connectivity across tunnels, stations, and rail cars, ensuring an uninterrupted connectivity experience for BART passengers.


RADWIN’s solutions are being installed onboard the 775 Fleet of Future trains, and along its 131 miles of tracks, delivering reliable, high-capacity wireless broadband train-to-track connectivity through FiberinMotion, and secure Gigabit wireless inter-car connectivity via TerraBridge. RADWIN’s solutions will enable BART commuters to enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi during their journey, allowing them to stay connected for work or entertainment. This solution will also enable BART to provide real-time information and emergency alerts via digital monitors to fine-tune their daily operations and enhance security with improved access to real-time security camera footage for BART Police.


BART’s Director of Technology, Travis Engstrom, commented on their decision to implement RADWIN. “BART aims to provide a best-in-class passenger service, and being here in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley we intend to ensure that our riders have access to the latest generation of high-speed wireless connections throughout our system. Following our internal trials, we have selected RADWIN as our vendor for train connectivity, to be installed on all of our Fleet of the Future vehicles. We have been working closely with RADWIN and our partners Alstom and Mobilitie / BAI Communications to develop a modern Digital Railway capable of delivering the high-bandwidth connections that the modern public demands.”


“We are thrilled to have been selected as part of this state-of-the-art solution that fully addresses the operational and passenger service needs of BART”, said Nir Hayzler, RADWIN’s Chief Operating Officer. Our TerraBridge Wireless Inter-Carriage Link has been designed with BART and our transit operators’ customers in mind, to enable them to upgrade existing train cars networks at minimal cost and impact ongoing operations. We are proud to be part of this leading-edge project, together with Mobilitie / BAI and Alstom and to provide commuters with a best-in-class, next-generation wireless connectivity experience”.



RADWIN is the global provider of broadband wireless solutions that deliver blazing-fast broadband with unparalleled reliability. Deployed in over 170 countries, for over 25 years, RADWIN’s solutions are used to connect mission critical applications in transportation, mines, ports, and public safety as well as private and business customers of service providers.


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About BART

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is a transit system connecting San Francisco to the East Bay and South Bay. BART operates in five counties, including San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara. The 131 miles of track and 50 stations means BART can provide unrivalled transport links to their local communications.





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