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BBnet Cuts Through Heavy Interference to Bring Broadband to Rural Ireland

August 1, 2017


RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, today announced that service provider BBnet has deployed its JET PRO Point-to-Multipoint solutions to drive high-speed broadband to multinational enterprises and homes in Midwest Ireland.


A long-standing RADWIN customer, BBnet has implemented​ RADWIN’s JET PRO 750 Mbps base stations with Beamforming antenna technology to provide dedicated uncontended internet connections with business-class SLAs to enterprise customers.


BBnet offers its residential users service packages of up to 50 Mbps using JET, allowing them to enjoy fast internet browsing speeds and high bandwidth for data-intensive applications such as Netflix and gaming.


Barry O’Halloran, Managing Director, BBnet: “Over the past few years the 5 GHz spectrum has become very congested. The equipment we’ve been using from other vendors didn’t perform as advertised and could not sustain the throughout when we loaded more than 15-20 subscribers onto a sector. After testing the JET Beamforming platform we knew we found the right solution and started deploying the systems across our network.”


“Today we couldn’t be happier with the results; JET cuts through interference like a knife, providing a fiber-like connection with low latency, no packet loss and no jitter. We’ve got a JET PRO base station on a tower with 155 other 5 GHz equipment where the noise floor is -70 dBm and it operates flawlessly. Using JET we can deliver high quality bandwidth and charge a higher price, thus increasing our monthly turnover. Our investment in JET has exceeded our expectations and customer feedback has been extraordinarily positive.”


Raymond Forado, General Manager, RADWIN Europe: “Service providers everywhere are beginning to realize that in order to remain competitive they have to buy carrier class equipment for their last mile connectivity. Like many of our operator customers, BBnet has found that JET Point-to-Multipoint provides the fiber-like speeds to end-customers that it guarantees. Especially in rural areas, fiber is not always the answer as it’s costly to deploy and topography can be a constraint and JET provides a viable, reliable alternative. JET’s Bi-Beam Beamforming antenna and smart air interface enable it to operate in the most challenging environments including heavy interference, non-line-of-sight and extreme climate conditions and there is no other wireless broadband access solution on the market today that offers the distinct advantages of the JET Beamforming solution.”


About BBNet
BBnet is a rapidly growing telecommunications provider headquartered in Shannon, Co Clare, Ireland. BBnet utilise the latest in fiber and fixed wireless technologies to provide broadband services to our growing customer base.


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Tel: +353 061 512000

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