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Belgium Police Fight Crime & Terror with RADWIN’s JET PtMP Video Surveillance Network

November 29, 2017


RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, today announced that Antwerp police in Belgium have chosen RADWIN’s JET Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) solutions to build a mission-critical video surveillance network. RADWIN’s JET PtMP connects hundreds of high-definition PTZ video cameras to the police control center and provides connectivity for nomadic video surveillance deployments during public events such as concerts and fairs.


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Exclusive Networks and VCS Observation, leading system integrators based in Belgium, were in charge of project design and implementation.


Live video feeds transmitted via RADWIN’s JET Beamforming wireless broadband systems allow Antwerp Police to detect and respond to unfolding or potentially criminal activity in real-time and capture activity for future investigation. RADWIN’s JET PtMP radios deliver dedicated bandwidth per camera site to ensure the highest-quality video transmission, enabling facial identification and vehicular license-plate recognition (LPR).


Wim Simons, Service and Solutions Manager, Exclusive Networks: “More and more police forces globally use high definition cameras for facial and license plate recognition, and therefore they need greater throughput. RADWIN’s JET system fits the bill, providing the highest industry capacity of up to 750 Mbps per base station so that transmission quality is superb. There’s no network downtime and zero latency and jitter. The police in Antwerp have come to rely on the RADWIN-powered video surveillance network to ensure the safety of citizens and visitors.”


Mari van Heijst, Senior Engineer, VCS Observation: “Antwerp is an old city, so it’s very difficult to obtain connectivity via fixed network lines. RADWIN’s system offered the perfect solution because they give the police the flexibility to set-up cameras in virtually any location rapidly and cost-effectively, unlike fiber which is slow and expensive to roll-out. JET’s unique Bi-Beam Beamforming technology spatially filters and fights interference to deliver a non-stop connection with ZERO video hiccups.”


Raymond Forado, RADWIN GM Europe, Russia, North and West Africa: “There is a marked rise in crime and terrorist activity on a global scale, and governments are realizing the imperative of establishing fixed and nomadic surveillance networks to combat these threats. We are proud that RADWIN’s JET solutions are a vital component of the Antwerp police’s Safe City project, and will continue to support the police force as their surveillance network grows to encompass more sites.”


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