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RADWIN to provide Train-to-Ground Communications for MBTA Wi-Fi Deployment

July 13, 2017


RADWIN, the leading provider of train-to-ground wireless communications solutions, today announced that its FiberinMotion® Train-to-Ground solution will be installed across the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority (MBTA) rail lines and onboard its trains to provide high-capacity Wi-Fi access to commuters.


RADWIN’s Train-to-Ground solution was chosen as part of large-scale project awarded to BAI Communications and its operations in Boston (formerly InMotion Wireless), who have an exclusive 22-year license by MBTA to design, build, finance and operate a multi-application high-speed network along the MBTA commuter system. The MBTA commuter rail network is 400 miles long and has annual ridership of 35 million passengers. It runs through 175 cities and towns in East Massachusetts and Rhode Island, making it one of the busiest commuter systems in the U.S.


Josh MacKinnon, Director, Wi-Fi Technologies, BAI Communications: “We’ve chosen to implement RADWIN’s Train-to-Ground solution in our communications infrastructure to meet the demands of today’s digitally connected passenger. RADWIN’s FiberinMotion® is field proven to deliver the highest throughput in large scale transit systems, and perfectly fit our goal to deliver a state-of-the art Wi-Fi network for MBTA’s passengers.”


Rob Bystry, Vice President – Engineering, BAI Communications U.S.: “Boston commuters are spending on average 60 minutes commuting on an MBTA train, so it’s crucial that these commuters stay connected throughout their journey. Ubiquitous Wi-Fi onboard trains is no longer considered an amenity, but as a necessity. After extensive testing of RADWIN’s FiberinMotion® we are convinced this is the best solution to cater to the high and ever-growing demand for broadband onboard trains.”


Nir Hayzler, VP and Head of Strategic Industries Business at RADWIN: “MBTA is an additional Tier 1 transportation authority in the U.S. that is benefiting from FiberinMotion®, and we are proud to partner with BAI Communications on this exciting project. Today, transit authorities cannot rely solely on commercial cellular networks in order to meet passengers’ Wi‐Fi demands, but also need to build dedicated trackside communications networks, which in turn, provide opportunities for monetization and new revenue streams.”


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