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Arizona’s Data-Max Wireless Brings Super-Fast Internet to Homes & Businesses with JET

April 5, 2017


RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, today announced that Data-Max Wireless, the Arizona-based service provider, has deployed JET wireless broadband solutions to upgrade its network. JET delivers reliable, high-speed broadband to Data-Max Wireless’ business and residential customers in Mohave County, Arizona.


Kristopher Minnich, Network Manager, Data-Max Wireless: “We were introduced to RADWIN while searching for a new option to replace our legacy hardware equipment. We required a solution that could support a dense, growing environment and operate in a heavily congested RF space. In RADWIN JET we found a solution with a Next Generation air interface that would allow us to provide higher bandwidth throughput to residences and SLA-based services to small business locations.”


“After installing JET, we immediately experienced the benefit of its Beamforming technology; we’re delivering much higher capacity for both uplink and downlink traffic and there’s greater interference immunity even in extremely noisy environments. We’ve also deployed new and replaced some legacy point-to-point radios with the RADWIN 2000 Point-to-Point D-series.  We are seeing considerable performance improvement in Near-Line-of-Sight and noisy RF environment applications.”


Minnich concluded: “Our customers and technical staff are very pleased with the JET product and performance. Business customers benefit from guaranteed SLAs while we can still collocate best-effort residential subscribers on the same sector. In the future, we’ll continue to evaluate RADWIN options to add increased capacity to our existing towers and deployments. We do this knowing that JET is stable, reliable, provides high bandwidth throughput, and RADWIN’s Professional Service team is routinely checking in on our deployments for technical needs, support, and new feature upgrades.”


Dennis Stipati, RADWIN North America General Manager: “JET allows service providers to transform their legacy networks into carrier-class networks, attracting customers by offering a high-quality broadband experience. With JET, service providers increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.”


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About Data-Max Wireless

Data-Max Wireless is a leading wireless service provider specializing in residential and small business markets in Mohave County, Arizona.   Blanketing Kingman, Golden Valley, and Valle Vista with Radwin JET technology, Data-Max can increase bandwidth and reliable Internet access for your business and provide turn-key routing, switching, and wireless solutions for all applications.


Data-Max Wireless in the home provides a whole-home Internet connection for surfing, gaming, or streaming.  No phone lines, no hidden fees, and friendly, local support are waiting for you.



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