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JET PtMP Delivers Superfast Broadband to Customers in Rural Ireland

January 19, 2017


RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, today announced that Net 1, a service provider based in northeast Ireland, has deployed JET Beamforming wireless broadband access solutions delivering 50Mbps to a vast number of residential and business customers in rural areas of Ireland. JET delivers far beyond the new European directives for superfast broadband, enabling Net 1 customers to enjoy high-speed, high-performance services including video, online streaming, YouTube, Netflix and online gaming.


Andrew McKeever, Managing Director, Net 1: “We have been offering Internet services in rural Ireland since 2003. Our legacy wireless equipment and lack of spectrum availability meant that at best, we were offering clients a 5 Mbps service which – during peak times – went much lower. It became clear to us that this level of service was inadequate for use in 2016 – with today’s demands, customers expect much greater bandwidth. That drove us to search for an alternative solution. We tested a number of wireless broadband access products using real customer traffic, and RADWIN’s JET PtMP was the only product that actually delivered on what it promised us.”


“With JET we’re delivering 50 Mbps to customers – more than 10 times the capacity that we’ve delivered in the past. Customers are so happy that they’re recommending our services to their neighbors and friends; Net 1 reports show that churn rates have dropped and customer loyalty is at an all-time high!”


John Gartlan, Technical Director, Net 1: “The challenges of interference these days are huge. The 5GHz band is full of interference which adversely impacts service speeds and reliability. Thanks to JET’s Beamforming technology, interference is dramatically reduced. JET also operates in non-line-of-sight conditions where heavy vegetation blocks direct line-of-sight, allowing us to serve customers we couldn’t reach in the past and extend our network footprint.”


Raymond Forado, GM, Europe: “The lack of good infrastructure in rural areas around the world leads to an urban-rural divide. With JET, service providers are finally capable of delivering high-speed Internet access in areas where wired technologies such as DSL and fiber are not cost effective. We are delighted that our technology is playing a vital role in helping bridge the digital divide.”

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