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Canadian ISP NWIC Boosts ARPU with JET Delivering Fast Broadband to Homes & Enterprises

October 5, 2016


RADWIN, the global broadband wireless provider, today announced that NWIC – a leading wireless internet service provider in the Niagara Region of Ontario Canada, selected JET Beamforming Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) to supply Niagara residents and businesses with fast, affordable wireless internet. JET solutions provide coverage in the city-center and rural areas in the Niagara countryside that are out of range of traditional DSL or cable service.


Scott Holmes, CEO NWIC: “We conducted intensive testing of 4 broadband wireless vendor solutions. We chose RADWIN JET PtMP because they offered the optimal mix of exceptional performance on a total cost of ownership model that would provide ROI in under 6 months for any new subscriber. RADWIN radios’ packets-per-second transmission rates were also almost 10 times more than the competing products we evaluated. Since we’ve deployed JET, we achieved greater ARPU due to the solid connection and high capacity service that JET delivers to our subscribers, even in frequency-congested urban areas.”


Dennis Stipati, RADWIN North America General Manager: “NWIC’s positive experience is shared by many service providers throughout North America who use JET to deliver high capacity wireless broadband. JET solutions are uniquely geared to fulfill the requirements of service providers serving homes and enterprises, and the unique Beamforming technology ensures that these solutions work in the toughest urban and rural environments to consistently deliver rock-stable exceptional service.”


About NWIC
At Niagara Wireless Internet Company, we pride ourselves on being the fastest and most reliable internet (wifi) service provider in the region. You shouldn’t need to move to the city just to have fast internet. We know the beauty of the rural country we live in, and we want to ensure that we bring the fastest internet service available to those beautiful but secluded areas of the region. We can keep up with the pace of your business.


For businesses, we also offer dedicated connectivity at a fraction of the cost. We are a true Internet Service Provider, registered with ARIN, and we peer with multiple upstream providers. This enables us to route traffic quickly and efficiently, meaning slow internet speeds are one less thing you have to contend with during your busy working day.


With coverage available to almost all of Niagara, NWIC extends the platform of the information highway for businesses in more remote areas. That means your company can benefit from the high speed connectivity usually only available in the city.
Tel: (289) 447-5212 | Toll Free: 1 (877) 654-6942

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