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New OSS Apps to Transform Wireless Network Operations

June 28, 2018

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Tel Aviv, Israel, June 28, 2018, RADWIN (, the global wireless broadband provider, today introduced a new innovative set of OSS applications, enabling service providers to simplify end-to-end operations, effectively manage network deployments, guarantee high service performance and reduce capital and operational expenditures. RADWIN OSS includes WINManage, a new and advanced Network Management System (NMS), R-Planner with a new built-in Service Estimation Tool and the WINDeploy, a deployment management tool that streamlines network roll-out and automates customer site installation using WINTouch smartphone application.


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Yossi Nissan, RADWIN’s Vice President, Marketing
: “Working closely with residential service providers we recognize the need to simplify operational processes and improve network roll-out.  Advanced OSS applications are an essential component in a service provider’s arsenal, helping it maintain a competitive edge in the ever-changing telecom landscape. The unique value proposition of RADWIN lies in its technologically superior carrier-grade solutions and new OSS offering, enabling service providers to stay one step ahead of the pack.”


RADWIN’s family of OSS applications comprises of 3 key modules:


WINManage Network Management System
WINManage simplifies the management and monitoring of RADWIN networks, interfaces and services for greater network up time. WINManage offers a high level of flexibility with customizable dashboards, reports and alert thresholds as well as in-depth fault analysis capabilities.


R-Planner with Service Estimation Tool (SET)
RADWIN’s reputed radio planner (R-planner) has been enhanced to support SET, a complimentary application that enables service providers to estimate service availability when onboarding new customers utilizing R-Planner coverage maps.


WINDeploy Deployment Management Tool
This Cloud-based application streamlines mass deployment processes, addressing everything from installation work order assignments to real-time monitoring of deployment progress and installation quality review.


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RADWIN is a leading provider of PtP and PtMP broadband wireless solutions. Incorporating the most advanced technologies such as a Beamforming antenna and an innovative Air Interface, RADWIN’s systems deliver optimal performance in the toughest conditions including high interference and obstructed line-of-sight. Deployed in over 170 countries, RADWIN’s solutions power applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as delivering broadband on the move for trains, vehicles and vessels.


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