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Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop joins forces with RADWIN to implement a cutting-edge communications system for its ultra-high-speed transportation pods

  RADWIN’s radios have been used to transmit vital status information  in Virgin Hyperloop’s testing to date   Los Angeles, California & Tel Aviv, Israel, October 14th, Virgin Hyperloop (, the category leader in hyperloop development and RADWIN (, the market leading train-to-ground wireless broadband provider, announced a joint collaboration to implement advanced wireless communications

Terrabridge product

RADWIN introduces TerraBridge, a cutting-edge mmWave solution for the transportation market

TerraBridge provides 5G speeds in inter-carriage links and depot offload applications Tel Aviv, Israel, September 14th – RADWIN ( introduced today its new TerraBridge solution for the transportation market. TerraBridge is a mmWave 5G era solution, specifically designed for the railway industry to support high-speed inter-carriage connectivity and data offload from trains.   TerraBridge is

Multisector Product

Introducing RADWIN’s new and innovative MultiSector™ PtMP dual-carrier base station series

Tel Aviv, Israel, August 8th, 2020, RADWIN (, the global wireless broadband provider, today announced the introduction of its new and innovative MultiSectorTM PtMP dual-carrier base station series. Service providers planning greenfield deployments in low populated areas are challenged by the need for high-quality Omni-directional coverage for a limited number of potential customers while requiring inexpensive

RADWIN Support covid19

RADWIN Professional Services provide network optimization assistance worldwide, during Covid-19

Tel Aviv, Israel, July 30th, RADWIN (, the global wireless broadband provider, today announced that its global Professional Services team has been working tirelessly around the clock during the Covid-19 lockdown to carry out wireless network audits, attain maximum operational efficiency, prevent failures and protect the investment of partners and customers around the globe.  

FFC Waiver

FCC grants RADWIN’s waiver, enabling JET Point-to-MultiPoint beamforming 5GHz base stations to operate at a higher power during the COVID-19 pandemic

Higher EIRP dramatically extends capacity to immediately relieve network overload, improve robustness, and enhance the ‘work from home’ (WFH), telehealth and remote education experience   Tel Aviv, Israel, July 23rd 2020, RADWIN (, a leading global wireless broadband solutions provider, today announced that the FCC has granted a waiver to allow its Point-to-MultiPoint JET base

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