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Smart-Node – World’s 1st ALL-IN-ONE Power & Communication Solution for Smart Cities Now Available

January 24, 2018

RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, today announced the release of Smart-Node, an outdoor communications and power solution that reduces costs and accelerates the roll-out of smart city, IoT and telecom projects. The all-in-one Smart-Node solution offers a wide variety of power and networking interfaces including fiber and an array of radio technologies to connect multiple devices such as CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi access points and IoT sensors.


Bridging the gap between broadband and IoT applications, Smart-Node enables easy integration with 3rd party devices to support multiple applications ranging from city surveillance, smart-lighting, smart-metering, waste management and more. Smart-Node is a remarkably compact, IP-67 protection-grade solution that guarantees low visual impact for street-level deployments and high reliability to withstand extreme temperatures and tough environments.


Today, in order to connect equipment required for smart city projects, system integrators and solution providers need to build hardware and software solutions from scratch. This is a time-consuming process that typically results in high costs and compromised performance. To address these challenges, RADWIN offers a ready-to-install solution with a unified management system for monitoring and controlling all power, networking and alarms. This eliminates costly truck rolls and cuts down on operational expenses.


Yossi Nissan, RADWIN’s AVP Marketing: “RADWIN’s Smart-Node is an integrated solution designed to significantly reduce customers’ overall project costs and simplify the installation and maintenance of multiple devices. Smart-Node is a force multiplier, revolutionizing the way smart city and telecom projects are planned, rolled-out and managed.”


To learn more about RADWIN’s Smart-Node, get the product pamphlet: or attend one of our webinars:

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