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RADWIN JET DUO 5GHz customers can double existing network capacity via innovative Software Defined Sector technology

March 16, 2023

Tel-Aviv, Israel, March 16, 2023, RADWIN, a global leader in wireless broadband solutions, has unveiled an innovative software upgrade for its JET DUO flagship platform, that transforms a radio antenna sector into a Software Defined Sector (SDS). Customers can reconfigure their JET DUO antenna sector width from 90° to 60° or 45° all through software, doubling their network capacity and served customers, through better reuse of available spectrum, and with minimal investment in infrastructure.


Sharon Sher, RADWIN CEO, said, “The demand for network capacity is increasing, while the 5GHz spectrum becomes more congested, so we had to think out-of-the-box. We came up with an innovative software solution that enables customers to better reuse available spectrum; up to 4 times on the same tower – substantially increasing overall network capacity and served end-customers with minimal additional investment. This is another milestone in our technological innovation for the fixed wireless market.”


The SDS feature has been successfully deployed by NWIC, a high-speed internet service provider in Canada. NWIC was able to deliver higher capacity to many of its customer base by utilizing the SDS feature.


Scott Holmes, NWIC CEO, said, “The SDS capability of the JET DUO enables us to mitigate the 5GHz spectrum congestion challenge and deliver greater capacity to more end-customers from the same tower, without compromising on performance or committed service levels. The ability to do this all through software with existing technology is truly innovative.”


For more information about RADWIN SDS go to our website or register to our upcoming RADWIN’s Latest News and Innovations webinar on Wednesday, March 22nd.



RADWIN is the global provider of broadband wireless solutions that deliver blazing-fast broadband with unparalleled reliability. Deployed in over 190 countries, these past 25 years, RADWIN’s solutions are used to connect mission critical applications in transportation, mines, ports, and public safety as well as private and business customers of service providers.


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