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The largest coal producer in Philippines deploys RADWIN’s Smart-Node

August 20, 2019

smart node deployment in semirara mine

Smart-Node all-in-One Power & Communication Solution is typically 1/3 the size and weight of typical cabinets, lower cost and feature-rich.


Tel Aviv, Israel, August 20, 2019 – RADWIN (, the global provider of sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions, recently announced that the only vertically integrated energy company Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SMPC) has incorporated RADWIN’s Smart-Node solutions in its coal operations.


Installed by EBDI Philippines, RADWIN 2000 Point-to-Point and Smart-Node enable the only vertically integrated energy company in the Philippines that mines its own fuel source (coal) with backhaul telemetry and sensor data for its haul trucks.


”SMPC has been a long-standing RADWIN customer. When the corporation sought to backhaul telemetry and sensor data, RADWIN 2000 was the best choice. In addition, the easy integration with Smart-Node made this the optimal solution,” said Mike Potter, EBDI Philippines CEO.


“This latest deployment underlines that RADWIN is an end-to-end network solution provider. Our extensive range of solutions, which include RADWIN 2000 Point-to-Point, Smart-Node, as well as mobile and nomadic solution – are geared to address mining companies’ needs today and tomorrow,” said Ofer Nagar, RADWIN APAC GM.


RADWIN Smart-Node and RADWIN 2000 PtP installation in Semirara mine

Photo: RADWIN Smart-Node and RADWIN 2000 PtP installation in Semirara mine


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About Smart-Node
Smart-Node All-in-One Power and Communication Solution RADWIN Smart-Node is an outdoor power and communication solution that reduces costs and accelerates the roll-out of smart-city, IoT and telecom projects. The all-in-one Smart-Node solution offers a wide variety of power and networking interfaces including fiber and an array of radio technologies to connect multiple devices such as wireless PtMP and PtP radios, CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi access points, IoT sensors and more.

As compared to cabinets, Smart-Node is typically 1/3 the size and weight, lower cost and feature-rich.


RADWIN is a leading provider of Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point broadband wireless solutions. Incorporating the most advanced technologies such as a Beam-forming antenna and an innovative Air Interface, RADWIN’s systems deliver optimal performance in the toughest conditions including high interference and obstructed line-of-sight. Deployed in over 170 countries, RADWIN’s solutions power applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as delivering broadband on the move for trains, vehicles and vessels.


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About Semirara Mining & Power Corporation
Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SMPC) is the largest coal producer in the Philippines, and the only power producer in the country that owns and mines its own fuel source (coal). SMPC operates the largest and most modern pit mine in the Philippines. By integrating our coal mining activities and power operations, SMPC has created a value chain that enables us to transform low-value input into high-value output in a continually efficient and responsible manner. Now on its 8th year, SMPC’s coal mining operation continues to conform to the international standards of Environmental Management System/ISO 14001:2004, Occupational Health and Safety Management System/OHSAS 18001:2007 and Quality Management System/ISO 9001:2008.

About EBDI Philippines
Team of dedicated, experienced, and trained and certified personnel engaged in sales, pre-sales and marketing, post sales service support, and, accounting and logistics. Leading solutions and network integrator for enterprise voice and data communications with full competence in turnkey complex enterprise voice/data converge networks.


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