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Wheatland Broadband Delivers High-Speed Internet Service to Rural Kansas

February 28, 2017


RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, today announced that Kansas-based Wheatland Broadband – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wheatland Electric Cooperative Inc. – has deployed RADWIN JET to significantly improve broadband speeds for subscribers across 16 communities it’s serving in Kansas & Colorado.


Jevin Kasselman, Director of IT and Broadband for Wheatland Electric: “We believe that in order for residents and businesses in our communities to prosper, dependable high-speed broadband is a must. We’ve chosen RADWIN’s fixed wireless technology to improve our network and allow us to offer higher speed plans to our subscribers. The deployment of this new technology in our communities serves a crucial role in bridging the digital divide. Our business subscribers are pleased with the significant increase in throughput they’re receiving, allowing them to enjoy a fast, uninterrupted Internet connection and run bandwidth-intensive applications that’s the lifeblood of their businesses.”


Dennis Stipati, RADWIN General Manager N. America: “Forward-thinking electric cooperatives such as Wheatland are leveraging their existing infrastructure, technical know-how and established customer base to deliver high-speed broadband to subscribers – not just electricity. Extremely simple to install and maintain, RADWIN’s JET solutions empower electric cooperatives to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver high quality wireless connectivity to areas where fiber cannot reach or is cost-prohibitive.”


About Wheatland Broadband
Wheatland Broadband is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wheatland Electric Cooperative, Inc. Wheatland Broadband was formed in 2002 to offer Internet service to the true last mile in rural Western Kansas and focus on providing reliable internet service and top-notch customer support.


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