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Major service provider in Venezuela deploys RADWIN 2000 Alpha PtP for high-speed Wi-Fi backhaul

December 13, 2019

radwin alpha 2000 radio

Tel Aviv, Israel, December 13, 2019 – RADWIN (, the global provider of sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions, today announced that a major service provider in Venezuela deployed hundreds of RADWIN 2000 Alpha 5.8GHz Point-to-Point systems throughout the country to connect high-speed Wi-Fi access points in public areas including airports, bus terminals, university centers and popular tourist hotspots. The service provider has also purchased the RADWIN JET PRO Point-to-Multipoint solutions and hundreds of subscriber units to drive broadband access to enterprise and residential customers country-wide. Eprotel, RADWIN’s certified partner in Venezuela, was in charge of project implementation.



RADWIN 2000 Alpha PtP installation


Juan Da Silva, Executive Vice President, Eprotel: “Our service provider customer sought a solution for Wi-Fi backhaul in high-density areas with heavy interference and tested equipment from numerous vendors. RADWIN 2000 Alpha Point-to-Point simply outperformed all other vendor equipment, and overcomes high levels of interference stemming from other service providers all operating in the same area.”


Alvaro Gonzalez, GM CALA, RADWIN: “We’re proud to play a key role in this service provider’s mission to provide free Wi-Fi to the public’s benefit and drive connectivity country-wide with JET. Backhaul is one of the most crucial links in the network, and RADWIN 2000 Alpha PtP enables service providers to deliver up to 500Mbps. With RADWIN’s comprehensive portfolio, service providers can boost network capacity without the prohibitive costs and time delays of fiber or leased lines, while ensuring carrier-class reliability and robustness.”


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RADWIN is the global provider of broadband wireless solutions that deliver blazing fast broadband with unparalleled reliability. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, RADWIN’s solutions are equipped with powerful OSS tools that optimize network planning and rollout and enable operation in the toughest conditions including interference and nLOS.
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