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RADWIN Professional Services deploys wireless communication solutions to aid with challenges such as radio planning,
network design, project development and execution and third party integration.

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From technical planning and
proposal reviews, to training &

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Project Management

Going beyond the "product"
seller solution

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Solution Integration

Expanding solution capabilities
through business

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Round-the-clock global support
to best address customer


RADWIN experts, equipped with advanced tools, accompany you through all pre-sale stages. This includes technical planning and network design, as well as proposal reviews, installation inspections, training and certifications, field support and ground trials.

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RADWIN ensures customer satisfaction by accompanying projects beyond the product-seller "solution" and into the execution phase.

With integrity, stability and reliability, the team actively helps develop, plan, and characterize your project for success.


RADWIN broadens solution capabilities through business partnerships with third-party manufacturers.

RADWIN assesses market analysis and suitability and employs an
in-depth understanding of new technologies, providing superior business value and wireless communication network technologies.

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Performance levels and network QoS may be adversely affected by factors unrelated to product quality.

RADWIN technical support provides assistance to secure reliable networks and address initial system configuration requirements, among other challenges.

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