PtMP base stations that enable extended network
reach through unmatched reliability


RADWIN JET series is-a market-proven Point to-MultiPoint beamforming solution that features a superior beamforming antenna. This technology delivers industry-leading interference immunity, ensuring reliable connectivity even in the heavily congested unlicensed spectrum. As a result, the JET series assures an excellent customer experience for a range of data, video, and voice applications. The JET series is designed to build scalable wireless networks that offer ultra-high capacity while using minimum spectrum and reducing total cost of ownership.

JET series offers two types of base stations. The high-end grade is perfect for SLA enterprise customers and mission critical data connectivity & surveillance while the budget performance grade base station is suitable for residential access, data connectivity and surveillance applications.

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JET PRO 5GHz, 3.5GHz

High-end base station

JET PRO high-end base station offers an exceptional beamforming antenna for superior connectivity and delivers up to 750Mbps over a wide 90˚ sector. It

supports flexible service levels including Service Level Agreements (SLA) with Committed Information Rate (CIR) or best-effort service level.

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Best Budget Performance Base Station

JET AIR is a best-budget performance base station that features an exceptional beamforming antenna for superior connectivity of up to 750 Mbps over a

90° sector.

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High-end base station

JET DUO advanced dual carrier base station with an exceptional beamforming antenna for superior connectivity and delivers up to 1.5 Gbps. It supports

Service Level Agreements (SLA) with Committed Information Rate (CIR) or best-effort service level, over a configurable sector width. JET DUO attains ultra-high site capacity of up to 12Gbps through superb frequency reuse and spectrum efficiency.

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best Budget Performance Base Station

JET AIR DUO is a budget-friendly dual-carrier base station with an exceptional beamforming antenna that assures superior connectivity . Its unique

PrimeCarrier feature enhances service reliability and availability. JET AIR DUO delivers 1.5Gbps over a 90° sector.

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High-base station

JET DUO 3.5GHz is a high-end, dual band, 3.5GHz and 5GHz base station with a superior beamforming antenna, assuring reliable connectivity in both

frequency bands. JET DUO 3.5 GHz delivers up to 1.5 Gbps with SLA or best-effort service levels.

JET series values

Reliable connectivity for an unmatched end user experience

The JET base station series provides dependable and robust 5GHz connectivity, ensuring a reliable connection in tough spectrum with long-term capacity stability. JET offers fixed latency and delivers unmatched end-to-end performance for a variety of applications such as Internet, video, voice and more.

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Holistic network operations throughout the service life cycle

RADWIN OSS offers a range of cloud-based tools that support all operational phases of the network lifecycle, such as clutter map-based radio planning, customer acquisition, monitoring and control of mass deployments and SU installations.

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Reduced infrastructure, CapEx & OpEx

JET beamforming enables extended cell-edge coverage, reducing the number of towers required. It eliminates the need for deploying multiple radios with narrow antennas to achieve error-free transmission in dense spectrum while saving upon tower space and rental costs.


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Common Subscriber Units for mix & match base stations

The JET series provides a wide array of options for selecting the best base station per specific deployment requirements. In addition, sector capacity can be seamlessly expanded when more users are added by simply changing the base station, while still utilizing the in-field Subscriber Units.

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More capacity, min. spectrum usage

Greater network capacity can be achieved using less spectrum, due to high frequency reuse, resulting in ultra spectrum efficiency. This is achieved through frequency reuse 2 and configurable sector width.

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Easy installation

Lightweight and compact, the JET base stations series features an integrated antenna, built-in GPS, and low power consumption.


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JET series guarantees an unparalleled customer experience!


Check out the JET AIR & JET AIR DUO introductory clip to realize the full potential of this amazing new product!

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JET Series Applications:

Residential access

SLA enterprise access

Backhaul for Wi-Fi

Mission critical connectivity

CCTV / Video surveillance

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