RADWIN 2000 | Wireless Point-to-Point solution for access and backhaul

RADWIN 2000 Point-to-Point

High capacity, long-range PtP wireless connectivity

Carrier-grade Point-to-Point for
access and backhaul

RADWIN 2000 series offers between 25Mbps to 750Mbps in a wide range of sub 6GHz unlicensed
and licensed bands, while supporting distances of up to 120km / 75miles.
RADWIN 2000 supports advanced networking schemes.

Product portfolio

radwin point to point 2000 conctorizer

RADWIN 2000 D+

1588v2, Connectorized, 23dBi
Up to 80MHz

radwin alpha ptp point to point su + su integrated

RADWIN 2000 Alpha

5.x: 50, 250, 500 Mbps, Connectorized +16dBi or 22dBi
3.x: 500Mbps, 19dBi antenna
Up to 40 km / 25 miles
IP 66 / 67

radwin 2000 wireless point to point solution


16 E1s/T1s
Up to 40MHz
2.3-2.5, 3.3-3.8, 4.9-6.0, 6.4GHz

radwin wireless ptp point to point solution


25, 50, 100Mbps
4,8 E1s/T1s
Up to 40MHz
2.3-2.5, 3.3-3.8, 4.9-6.0GHz

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Top-quality wireless broadband

ideal for wireless backhaul

Ideal for Mobile

Operating in unlicensed bands and uniquely supporting 1588 v2, RADWIN 2000 is the ideal choice for mobile backhaul when fiber or MW are too expensive.

robust air interface

Robust Air

A unique air-interface allows for outstanding interference mitigation & reliable link operation in near and non-line-of-sight (nLOS/ NLOS) scenarios.

Professional Planning, Easy Installation

Professional Planning,
Easy Installation

Highly predictable performance of dense PtP networks using RADWIN radio planner, as well as quick link alignment and commissioning from a single side of the link.

GPS Synchronization


GPS synchronization enables greater capacity at a longer range, allowing for dense Point-to-Point network performance.

What can RADWIN 2000 do for you?

Small cell & macro cell backhaul

Small cell & macro cell backhaul

PtMP backhaul

PtMP backhaul

Video surveillance backhaul

Video surveillance backhaul

Enterprise access connectivity

Enterprise access connectivity


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