RADWIN 2000 series
Best in-class Point-to-Point solutions for backhaul,
access and premium data connectivity applications


RADWIN 2000 Series offers ultra-high capacity Point-to-Point (PtP) solutions that are designed to deliver reliable connectivty over a long distance using the 5GHz unlicensed band. RADWIN’s unique air interface ensures consistant capacity, low latency, rich Quality of Service (QoS) clasifications and high spectrum efficiency. These PtP solutions are supported by RADWIN’s cloud based OSS tools, which allow for fast and accurate planning, easy installation, and minimal maintanance costs throughout their life cycle.

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Band: 5GHz

RADWIN 2000 E is a Point-to-Point outdoor radio bulit for ultra-high capacity applications such as backhaul and mission-critical data connectivity.

Delivering up to 2.5Gbps, RADWIN 2000 E is equiped with unique interference mitigation capabilities as well as a field proven air interface.

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RADWIN 2000 Alpha

Band: 3.5GHz

RADWIN 2000 Alpha is a Point-to-Point outdoor radio unit that delivers up to 500Mbps and is available in both the 5GHz and 3.5GHz bands.

Compact and durable, RADWIN 2000 Alpha guarantees exceptional performance at a highly competitive price.

RADWIN 2000 series values

Long distance and ultra capacity

RADWIN’s PtP portfolio offers the longest range and the highest capacity available in its class together with rich QoS capabilities.

Robust air interface ensures a reliable link

RADWIN’s unique air-interface ensures dependable link performance, even in adverse conditions such as near Line of Sight (nLOS) or congested spectrum.

Built-in GPS for TDD Synchronization

Support co-location installation of multiple radios while ensuring link capacity and long distance performance using built-in GPS.

Professional Planning, Easy Installation

RADWIN’s radio planning tool provides highly predicateble link performance. In addition, quick antenna alignment and service commissioning is efficiently conducted through a single side of the link.

RADWIN 2000 Applications:

PtMP base station backhaul

Small cell (Wi-Fi, 4G) backhaul

Enterprise access

Backup or gap filler for fiber networks

Video surveillance backhaul

Private networks connectivity

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