A PtMP TV White Space solution for rural broadband access

Extend your Wireless Coverage
beyond Line of Sight

TV White Space (TVWS) is paving the way for service providers to connect unserved rural customers to the digital world using
reliable, Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) broadband wireless connectivity that penetrates trees and foliage and overcomes challenging terrains. RADWIN OutlandTM enables service providers to expand their network footprint beyond existing telecom infrastructure to grow the customer base and service revenues. Rural communities benefit from value-added broadband services that can significantly improve their lifestyle through online healthcare, education, work from home, commercial and entertainment services.

RADWIN Outland

Outland Base station one of RADWIN's tvws devices

Outland Base station

470-698 MHz
Dual carrier (supporting 2 carriers simultaneously), up to 300Mbps
Connectorized unit to external 12dBi 90˚ antenna
FCC: up to 4 TVWS 6MHz consecutive channels per carrier
ETSI: up to 3 TVWS 8MHz consecutive channels per carrier
IP 67 compliant
Built-in GPS

RADWIN Outland

Outland Subscriber unit

470-698 MHz
Single carrier, up to 150Mbps
Integrated small form factor 8dBi dual-pole antenna
FCC: up to 4 TVWS 6MHz consecutive channels
ETSI: up to 3 TVWS 8MHz consecutive channels
IP 67 compliant
Built-in GPS

Outland is deployed subject to local TVWS radio and database regulation.
Please confirm TVWS is fully regulated in your country of operation prior to considering Outland

Outland Benefits

Professional Planning, Easy Installation

Service performance predictability

Integrated set of spectrum analysis and TVWS propagation tools to enable site expected performance and ROI analysis prior to deployment

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Dual Carrier base station

Double sector capacity and increased channel selection flexibility

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Compact Subscriber Unit

All-in-one Subscriber Unit with Integrated small form-factor dual-pole antenna for simplified installation and low visual impact

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Interference immunity

Outland leverages upon RADWIN’s field-proven interference mitigation capabilities

Automated pre-deployment process and tools for TVWS performance prediction
and ROI assessment

RADWIN’s automated planning process predicts true-to-life coverage and expected service performance before commencing with deployment rollout.

Two main factors that affect TVWS coverage and capacity:
• Terrain and foliage:
RADWIN’s advanced planning tool (WinPlan) leverages upon available clutter maps to evaluate the TVWS penetration in any given area.

• TV broadcasters’ interference level:
TV channels permitted by the Data Base authority for TVWS usage, may suffer from radio interference generated from high power TV broadcast signals that can adversely affect or even prevent the service.

An automated spectrum survey tool gathers radio interference measurements across the TVWS band which are then used by RADWIN’s planning tool to assess channels usability for TVWS service and calculate the true-to-life coverage heat map per each useable channel.

Outland TV White Space Applications

A green rural area with a lot of greenery, a house and a pond

Rural broadband internet
to the home

A big red building in a rural area with a park and a field of grass next to it

Broadband Internet
for rural schools

A son and father sitting in the middle of a basketball court in a rural area taking a selfie with the kid's cellphone and an orange basked ball next to them

Wi-Fi connectivity
in rural communities


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