Real-Time CCTV for Safety and Security

The Importance of Real-Time Connectivity

Real-Time CCTV transmission onboard trains helps to identify and resolve safety and security issues before impacting ongoing operations. Today, more and more trains are equipped with high resolution cameras that require high throughput and real-time connectivity to the control room.

RADWIN’s Train-to-Ground Solution Supports Real-Time CCTV Applications for Safety and Security

TDD Synchronization

TDD, synchronized based protocol to ensure uninterrupted connectivity between moving trains and the trackside network

uplink downlink

Uplink / downlink flexible ratio, that can be adapted to support a variety of services according to need


Unique mechanisms for interference mitigation and spectrum optimization to ensure optimal frequency usage

Powered by RADWIN FiberinMotion®

High-capacity broadband, 750Mbps per train
Supports train speeds of 220mph / 350km/h
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radwin fiberinmotion wireless mobility connectivity solution

More Applications for Rail & Metro

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