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Introduction to Smart-Node

Introduction to Smart-Node

Published on April 12, 2018 | 3 views

Smart-Node is an outdoor power and communication solution that reduces site deployment costs and installation time of smart city and telecom projects. This all-in-one solution enables/provides power and connectivity to various devices including CCTV cameras, wireless Broadband radios, Wi-Fi access points and IoT gateways for smart applications (e.g., smart lighting).  It offers versatile options/ a wide variety of ports (e.g., PoE, PoE+ 60W, Passive PoE, SFP, DC-out, UPS system) and everything can be remotely managed and controlled by its unified management system. Smart-Node is IP-67 certified and remarkably compact, to seamlessly blend into urban environments and ensure high reliability even in extreme temperatures.

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