Sea Port Automation

Wireless broadband connectivity that assures unmatched performance
for a wide variety of port automation applications.

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Connecting Port Automation Systems

To maintain a competitive edge, port terminals are looking for better ways to improve productivity. Handling more freight than any other type of terminals combined, ports require a cost-efficient way to increase operation efficiency using remote connectivity.

Port automation systems consist of intelligent solutions that allow continuous and smooth operations of cranes, automated vehicles, automated containers, remotely monitored Rubber Tyred Gantry cranes (RTGs), Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and more. These systems transmit huge amounts of data in real time to the port control center, enabling personnel to quickly and proactively address and resolve operational issues in real-time.

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To run a fully automated port, management and port personnel require a reliable communications network that connects all systems and sites within the port.

Information exchange within the team typically relies on two-way radio communications and written data. Operating this way can lead to mistakes. For example, on-the-fly changes in discharging or loading procedures can result in time loss or error when reporting work order changes using the custom communication channels. If the entire team has access to the same real time information, errors will be minimized and the efficiency level will increase.

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Powered By RADWIN Products

RADWIN provides reliable connectivity and backhaul with carrier-grade wireless broadband solutions including Smart-Node, a power and communications solution that effectively supports all broadband and narrowband IoT applications, ideal for port automation systems.

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Connectivity On The Move
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Power and Communication solution
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JET Series

PtMP Powered by Bi-BeamTM
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Robust and Stable Communications Network for Automated AGV Operations

Sea Port Automation Applications

Wireless broadband solutions provide highly reliable connectivity and offer unmatched performance for a wide range of port automation applications even in the harshest port environment.

sea port connectivity

Improved Operational Efficiency

sea container port

Remote Control RTG & OCR

container port cctv

Real Time Security & Safety Control

AVG application connectivity

AGVs Remote Controlling

Boat port

Ship-to-Shore Crane Connectivity

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