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RADWIN provides Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solutions for Carriers, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), rural cooperatives and rural Telco's who strive to offer fast and reliable internet connectivity to customers in remote communities.

Given the growing demand for high quality wireless networks,
service providers are facing multiple challenges

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Deliver high capacity

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Secure reliable services

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Overcome scarce clean spectrum

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Efficiently address multiple deployment scenarios

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Operate with a limited budget

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Support residential & business applications

RADWIN offers broadband service providers a comprehensive portfolio of Point-to-MultiPoint and Point-to-Point solutions. These solutions assure reliable and consistent connectivity in a wide range of unlicensed and licensed frequencies, including 5GHz, 3.5GHz.

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RADWIN’s rich portfolio of PtMP base stations addresses a variety of customer applications and deployment scenarios.
Customer applications:
- Residential WFH, remote schooling, entertainment and more
- Business customers and the demand for SLA and symmetrical traffic services.

Multiple deployment scenarios:
- High to low-density areas
- Short to long range coverage
- MacroPoP and MicroPoP
- Line of sight, Non-line of sight and rural Non-line of sight connectivity
- Highly congested spectrum


Deliver consistent 100Mbps services and more through low-priced, 5GHz, PtMP solutions.
Mix and match your optimal 5GHz base station for the lowest TCO per deployment scenario. Choose from RADWIN’s collocated base station portfolio that uses a common set of subscriber units and operational tools.

RADWIN 5GHz PtP portfolio provides outstanding performance. Widely used for PtMP backhaul and heavy business access applications in tough deployment scenarios, RADWIN’s 5GHz PtP can be fully connected with RADWIN’s PtMP.

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Reduce operational costs with RADWIN OSS

RADWIN OSS provides a set of tools that support all operational aspects of the network lifecycle, addressing everything from radio planning, network deployment, unit installations, service commissioning and network management and maintenance

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Service Providers Benefit with RADWIN:

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ARPU growth

Support residential & SLA business customers

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Reduce churn

Provide a scalable network & grow the customer base with a superior user experience

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Mix & Match

Mix and match base stations with common SUs, combined with OSS tools

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Lower TCO

Reduce Call-In Rates (CIR) and Truck Roll Rates (TRR)

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Installation Simplicity

Simplify operations using holistic OSS tools

Connecting San Luis Valley, Colorado, USA

wisp residential broadband access

Residential access in high to mid-density areas

isolated residential area

Rural connectivity in low-density areas

wisp enterprise broadband access

Business access

wisp ptp backhaul access

Wi-Fi access point backhaul

Wi-Fi Backhaul

Small cell backhaul

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