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Signaling / CBTC
for Mobility Management

CBTC, a Mission Critical Application

Communication-based train control (CBTC) is used to improve traffic / mobility management and better control trains by providing accurate visibility regarding the trains location. CBTC is a mission critical application, dependent upon on a robust and secure train-to-ground communications technology.

RADWIN’s Highly Reliable Train-to-Ground CBTC Solution Offers Guaranteed Connectivity Radio Architecture and Assures the Following Advantages:

TDD Synchronization

TDD, synchronized based protocol to ensure uninterrupted connectivity between moving trains and the trackside network


Redundant architecture with no single point of failure

Alpha point-to-point radio also operates as Subscriber Unit

Secured system with customized air protocol, preventing standard Wi-Fi access

radio spectrum

Optimized spectrum capabilities

Powered by RADWIN FiberinMotion®

High-capacity broadband, 750Mbps per train
Supports train speeds of 220mph / 350km/h
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