Delivering wireless connectivity @5G speeds for data offload

TerraBridge 60GHz mmWave solution for operational efficiency, ease of use and unparalleled flexibility

The needs for high capacity offload

With the continued digitalization of trains and deployment of onboard systems such as operational sensors, CCTV and Passenger Information Systems (PIS), an optimal data flow between the train systems and the stations is necessary.
As trains pass through the station for minutes at a time, a quick, reliable, and high capacity solution is required for effective station offload. Efficient high-speed depot offload is also necessary for trains, when parked in the depot.

Today’s alternatives are based on manual offload using a hard drive or the limited 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum that delivers insufficient throughput for data offloading and is sensitive to interference from other wireless access points.
TerraBridge enables automatic, high capacity connectivity to the train as soon as it stops in the station or terminates it journey at the depot, to provide ultra-high throughput of over 1.5Gbps for data offload.

TerraBridge advantages for station/depot offload include:

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5G speeds based on the 60GHz millimeter-wave, license free spectrum

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High throughput that delivers more than 1.5Gbps per link

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Minimal footprint, low visual impact, easy to install and practically zero maintenance

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Auto-connect functionality, removing the need to pre-define link pairs

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Uniquely designed for railway applications
Support quick and efficient data offload
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